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Gentle Flow and Restorative Yoga

Class description

What is restorative yoga? 

Restorative yoga is centred on holding postures for longer periods of time, completely supported by props. By using the props to support the body, the muscles are given the chance to release and relax deeply.  


The perfect antidote to feelings of stress and overstimulation, the practice is uniquely aimed at bringing the nervous system into balance. Deeply nourishing, calming and healing. This practice gives you the time and space to rest, release and restore. Suitable for all, including complete beginners. 


What to bring? Just yourself in some cosy clothes, warm socks and cozy jumpers are great! 

Please contact me for any queries.

Teacher bio

Benaisha grew up in London and moved to India in 2017 to find her heart and answer a calling. She completed an intensive Ashtanga-based yoga teacher training under Yogacharya Lalit Kumar at the Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre in beautiful Goa.


The next two years were spent exploring different Masters and ancient spiritual practices within India, and founding Cocoon Academy with her partner to share these spiritual traditions in an accessible way with contemporary seekers.


She undertook further training in Restorative Yoga under Anna Ashby at TriYoga and is passionate about sharing these postures and their significant benefits with all her students. She was previously a Civil Servant working in Westminster.  


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