Teen Yoga

Thursdays 16:45-17:30

£10/Class (£9/Online)

£70/7 classes (£60/7 classes online) 

Flow and Restore Yoga

Thursdays 18:00-19:00

£12/Class (£8/Online)

£50/5 classes (£35/5 classes online)

Class description

Flow and Restore: My Flow and Restore are playful Vinyasa based classes, which will then unravel into a more intro, restorative and meditative practice. The classes begin with Warm-up drills to work body’s strength and mobility, followed by a breath linked fluid movement, playing with standing balance postures, arm balances, backbends and other postures. Different options will be offered to the students and these classes are open to all. The last 20 minutes of the class aim to bring the body into its restore mode, as rest after exercise is as important as exercising. This last part of the class includes postures from Restorative yoga which are held for a long period of time, using props to support the body into a comfortable space and bringing the nervous system into a state of deep relaxation. Breath work and meditation techniques will be used during these sessions.


Teens Yoga: I believe that yoga is for everyone, hence teaching teenagers is one of my passions. I use my experience as a Primary Teacher and Teens & Mindfulness Yoga Teacher to support teens as they grow. These classes are similar to an adult class and are a great way for teenagers to develop their sense of belonging and community by practising with friends and other students around their own age. These classes are all about reducing stress and anxiety; acceptance of body’s changes; gaining strength and flexibility and creating a personal tool box to improve students’ wellbeing and utterly promote their happiness.The classes are made of fun, flowing sequences to warm up the body, followed by long-held restorative yoga postures. There will also be breathwork, relaxation techniques and short meditations. Term dates only for Young Adults aged 12 and upwards.

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Teacher bio

I am a life lover and thinker, with a passion for teaching and practising Yoga and Mindfulness.

I grew up in the North of Portugal, where I developed an intense connection with the elements and nature, and I have always been fascinated about life. A few years ago, I moved to London as a Primary Teacher, where I took my -first of many- Yoga Teacher Trainings. 

Since then, I've tried to share my love for Yoga and Mindfulness with with students, because I recognise how much I have benefited from practising Yoga and Meditation myself. I understand that our mind gets very often in our way of manifesting our full potential.

“In life, we are very often stopped by our fears and self or others expectations and due to a rushed life, we don´t have time, we lack of the drive to explore ourselves deeply: our wishes, fears, traumas, dreams and strength.”

Through my classes, I aim to bring that consciousness to my students.

I believe that each person is Unique and has their own journey. Hence my classes focus on this inner journey and inquisitive exploration of both, the physical and inner body. In my opinion, practising Yoga and Mindfulness lead to a strong body, heart and clearer mind.

My teaching style fuses the Eastern Mind and the Tradition of Yoga and Meditation with the Western knowledge of Anatomy, Biomechanics and Neuroscience, in a non-dogmatic way. 



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