The Illumin Way: Meditation of Light

Thursdays 19:45 - 20:45

Fridays 19:30 - 20:30

£10/drop-in or £32/4 classes

Class description

The Illumin Way is a set of meditation and healing techniques for modern spiritual seekers. The core of the practice is based on ancient practices, many of which have been lost over hundreds of years, but re-discovered through direct spiritual experience. Each session will cover light-based meditation techniques, light-based healing techniques for ourselves and others, and guidance into para-sensory techniques. We encourage both beginners and experienced practitioners to attend as the class will be adapted for the beings present.


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Teacher bio

Rishaad is a spiritual teacher, the co-founder of Cocoon Academy, and the originator of The Illumin Way. In 2012 Rishaad had the first of many spiritual awakenings and began on a path of spiritual discovery — studying and drawing from the richness of the Indian and Asian spiritual traditions. In 2015, he met his Master, Shri Mooji, and has spent many years in Satsang — both at his Ashram in Portugal, and in Rishikesh. Rishaad’s teaching draws from his own direct experience, the most powerful form of knowing. His guidance is precise and simple, yet truly transformative. Originally from India, Rishaad has spent the last two years sharing his meditation practices across India, Singapore and London where he now lives with his partner. The Illumin Way uncovers the power of the light, hidden and lost over centuries of suppression, and now free to be shared once more.

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