Yoga - Vinyasa and Hatha

Tuesdays 19:45-20:45


Class description

I focus on cultivating greater self-compassion, softening to strengthen body and mind, and decluttering within to create space for the true self to bloom. Offering practitioners plenty of options, I encourage them to tune into their frequency and reflect on what would serve them at all points. Classes often centre around a steady arc of twists, frequently rising to a standing or arm balance before cooling down.

For class bookings and questions, please email me directly.

Teacher bio

I’ve been deepening my practices of self-enquiry over the past ten years through exposure to a variety of teachers and ashrams in the US and India, coupled with channelling my self-reflection through writing. After years of practice, I completed my Hatha, Vinyasa, and Bhakti teacher training in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This followed a period of journeying inward and slowing down while travelling, spending time on the Camino de Santiago in Spain, Northern India, and other places to connect inwardly.

See here​ for a post I wrote on the distortions of yoga, sympathizing with some who feel alienated by how it has been practised, ​and here​ for a selection of guided reflections I've recorded for Insight Timer, centred on helping listeners drift to a position as the innocent spectator of your inner and outer universe. I’m passionate about expanding the audience of yoga and meditation, encouraging an understanding of both as deep self-acquaintance that, while cultivated in class, continues throughout our everyday.

I offer:

  • Group yoga classes

  • 1-to-1 yoga tuition


Always feel welcome to reach out. Contact me directly.

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