(We've put measures in place to keep us all safe.)

Below is a guide to help you prepare for your visit and know what to expect. It covers booking and what to bring; how to enter, leave and move around the space; the protective measures we are taking and yoga equipment.

Please read through this before you come to zenw2 so that we can all play a part in keeping each other safe and well.

1. Booking and what to bring



  • All studio classes must be booked in advance. 

  • The class cancellation window ends 3 hours before class, unless otherwise stated by the teacher's booking system. After this time you won’t be able to cancel without being charged.

  • Social distancing means spaces in the studio are extremely limited, so please cancel in advance if you are unable to attend.


What to bring​

  • Please bring your own mat, and any other yoga equipment you might wish to use (e.g. blanket, strap or block).

  • Studio bolsters may be used, provided you have brought a clean blanket or towel to cover the one you are using.

  • Arrive ready for class, as there are currently no changing facilities available at the studio.


2. Arriving at and leaving the studio



  • Arrive 10 minutes before your class starts. This is important as social distancing measures mean that it will take longer than usual to get settled in.

  • All students and teachers will have their temperature checked on arrival.

  • Anyone showing signs of illness, or with a high temperature, will be politely asked to leave.

  • In the event that the teacher shows signs of illness or has a high temperature, the class will be cancelled and full refunds given.



  • Please follow 2 metre distancing points for leaving the space and around the shoe storage shelf.

  • Please leave promptly after your class and observe the protocols outlined to make space for students arriving for the next class. 


3. Protective measures

  • Hand sanitizer is placed throughout the space.

  • All touch points around the studio will be sanitised throughout the day.

  • The studio is cleaned every evening.

  • Class sizes are limited in line with social distancing guidelines.

  • Mat positions are clearly marked out to allow plenty of space around each mat. Please stay on your mat throughout the class.

  • The studio will be ventilated between classes.


4. Equipment​​

Personal equipment

  • Please bring your own mat to class. Mats and other equipment (straps, foam blocks and bricks) are available to purchase if you wish. 


Studio yoga equipment

  • If you need to use a studio mat, you will be asked to clean it thoroughly after class. 

  • We will not be providing any soft equipment in the studios such as blankets and eye masks, but you can bring your own if you wish.

  • You will be asked to disinfect any props you have used after class, and cleaning materials are available if you wish to wipe props before use. 

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