I teach accessible yet challenging Hatha and Vinyasa classes and have been practicing yoga since the last century (the mid ‘90s!). I am a bit obsessed with alignment, biodynamics, and functional range conditioning so you might find me slipping in a few mobility exercises during class.

I have trained with the best - the 'teachers' teachers', including Jessica Stewart (Hatha/Vinyasa), Nadia Narain (Pregnancy Yoga), Amy Ippoliti (Yoga Therapeutics), myofascial pioneer Tom Myers (Anatomy Trains, BodyReading 101 & 102 Resilience), Celest Peirera (Anatomy) and Jason Crandell (Injury Prevention & Management). 

When I am not on the yoga mat, I am at my “day job” of philanthropic consulting or embarrassing my pre-teen daughter during our street dance classes.



I have been teaching Pilates to people of all abilities for the last 20 years. I trained with and am a member of Body Control Pilates
which is the leading Pilates educator in the country. Whatever your fitness level, Pilates has something to offer you.
I love to see the positive impact my classes have on my clients. Improvements to their posture and core strength. I always try to make my classes fun as well as challenging and believe that the principals of Pilates can help you in your everyday life. Pilates is so much more than the hour spent in the class! Come and join me!


After suffering years of back pain resulting from an office-based job, I felt the positive effects of Pilates within a few months and it quickly became a large part of my life. My personal experience motivated me to become a Certified Pilates Instructor under the expert guidance of Joanne Cobbe (Founder and Principal Tutor of JPilates).

My sessions focus on obtaining maximum body control, balance, muscle strength, spine mobility, and mental wellness. I use small equipment and incorporate exercises from both the classical Pilates repertoire and the Functional Training approach. I believe strongly in teaching with positivity, energy, and encouragement. My classes are dynamic, friendly, and accessible to all,

and I enjoy working with clients from all walks of life.

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After thirteen years of practice, I remain astounded by the positive impact yoga has had on my body, overall wellbeing and ability to face life's challenges with calm and acceptance. I am trained in Vinyasa Flow and Scaravelli-inspired yoga, and generally just love to move! 

Prior to founding zenw2, I worked nationally as a learning lead for a mental health and addictions charity, and my teaching style is undeniably influenced by psychotherapeutic approaches that enable personal growth and change. In my classes you can expect a balanced focus on alignment, strength, breath and graceful coordination, as well as a brief massage in Savasana!



I have learned that life is manifested through our experiences, and when we are mindful of this, it opens up a range of possibilities that allow us to make conscious choices in order to thrive. Through my yoga classes, I offer a mix of different techniques which originate from Bhakti, Jnana, Raja, Karma and Hatha yoga to connect one’s body, mind, emotions and spirit to the present moment. I like to tap into different perspectives and philosophies, therefore each class is varied from the other. But I always hold a safe space to explore. My classes are open to all levels, including pregnant women.

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My passion for yoga was ignited in 2005 and what keeps me hooked on it is that practising it feels so good!  And not just for the body. Yoga can bring a sense of wellbeing that can filter into every moment of your life, and that is precisely what I hope to pass on in my classes. I have a Level 4 Diploma in Teaching from the British Wheel of Yoga and am also trained in Vinyasa Flow.  My classes are designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. I consider the breath to be an essential part of yoga, and encourage a mindful practice in order to develop self-awareness and promote a sense of calm, balance and well-being.