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Lila is a passionate about teaching and practising Yoga and Mindfulness. Her classes focus on each individual's inner journey and inquisitive exploration of both the physical body and the mind, leading students to develop a strong body and heart and a clearer mind. Her teaching also incorporates contemporary knowledge of Anatomy, Biomechanics and Neuroscience.

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Lila's yoga journey started as a personal quest for well-being and self-discovery, evolving into a lifelong dedication to sharing yoga's profound benefits with others. Lila's classes are a harmonious blend of physical challenge and mindfulness. Lila inspires her students to explore the beautiful synergy of breath and movement that Vinyasa yoga offers. 

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Joanna is passionate about breathwork, movement, and deep relaxation techniques. She practices and teaches breath-oriented classes having trained with Max Strom focusing on the importance of breathwork, movement, and its impact on our nervous system, emotional state, and mind. She completed Restorative Yoga Training under Anna Ashby and Yoga for Cancer under Vicky Fox, both with  TriYoga.

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Karen is a trainer and Senior practitioner with Sharing yoga with specialist schools and on a one to one basis with children and adults with complex physical, learning, health needs and disabilities.  


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